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Recommended Book: How To Sell To The U.S. Military

Every year, the U.S. Military awards lucrative contracts to thousands of small businesses such as yours. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to "get your foot in the door" if you don't know what you are doing!

That's why I put together this new book, "How to Sell to the U.S. Military." In fact, it is written specifically for business owners who have never had a U.S. Military contract.

How to Sell to U.S. Military book
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"How to Sell to the U.S. Military: Learn How to Bid and Win Lucrative Government Contracts"

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As a former contracting officer in the United States Air Force, I know what you're up against trying to win a contract with the U.S. Military.

Take it from me, this popular book will help you locate many of the resources that you will need to successfully compete against all of the other small businesses trying to get their share of these lucrative contracts.

"Just wanted to send you a short note to say that I appreciate this book ["How to Sell to the U.S. Military"]. With all the information you provided, I was able to zero in on exactly what agency I needed to contact for details on selling my unique cold-weather gear to the Army. I am hopeful this will lead to a banner year for me. Thanks again.

-- Nathan P. (website withheld by request)

Topics include:

Getting Started: Outlines many of the basics that you will need to know to successfully bid on contracts, including: how to acquire specifications; details on the Federal Supply System; how to sign up for the mandatory Central Contractor Registration; where to find subcontracting opportunities; sources of procurement information; and more.

Products and Services Purchased by the Military: The types of products and services regularly purchased by the U.S. Military are provided. You also get detailed contact information for major buying offices in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the DLA.

Research and Development Opportunities: Find out what the Research and Development opportunities are with each of the major military research and development activities. The principal interests of each R&D activity are also listed for your convenience.

Special Purchasing Offices: Examines the categories of goods and services which are purchased by special purchasing offices, including merchandise for defense commissary stores, resale merchandise for military exchange services, and motion pictures and videotape production.

Offices that Provide Assistance to Small Business: A comprehensive list of Government offices that provide assistance to small businesses, including Defense Contract Management Commands, the Small Business Administration, and the General Services Administration. These offices can help you find subcontracting opportunities and identify DoD contracting offices that are likely to buy your products or services.

You also get a comprehensive listing of nationwide Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Offices, a glossary of Defense acronyms, and more.

How to Sell to the U.S. Military
That's Me Shaking Hands With Then Speaker of the House
(While I was deployed on Active Duty several years ago)

Recently updated, "How to Sell to the U.S. Military" contains 150 pages of industry information that can help you get military contracts now.

Now you can have an edge over the thousands of other small businesses trying desperately to win military contracts.

In fact, the information in "How to Sell to the U.S. Military" will literally save you hundreds of hours of research and help you get started winning military contracts much faster than you thought possible.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity.

Don't spend 100's of hours trying to research this information on your own... I've already done it for you!

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